Despite having a shorter week due to election day, it was still packed with excitement! 

We continued our lesson of rounding numbers with our Wednesday group of third graders. Inside the classroom, we plotted numbers on a number line and rounded them to the nearest 10.   Some students even moved on to rounding three digit numbers and rounding to different place values. We were very surprised at how many took on this challenge and how well they did! Rounding numbers provides variety of games that we can do! Taking it to the gym, we played Sharks and Minnows, where half the minnow group was the “Round Up” group, while the other half was the “Round Down” group. The sharks called out numbers to round to the nearest 10, and the minnows were to determine which way to round the number; if their group was rounding, they had to cross the ocean (gym floor) and try to escape being tagged from the shark!  This is always one of our students’ favorite games and it did not disappoint!

For our group of boys at LEAP, we had a one of our new instructors, Mr. Mark, give the lesson on fractions.  The students really took to Mr. Mark’s lesson and loved how he incorporated the use of everyday things, like candy and throwing a football, in his teaching. One student, so engaged in the lesson, was so surprised that he learned math through Mr. Mark’s story-telling method! We applied our new-found fraction skills through tossing a football around. Setting a goal of 5 passes through a hoop, students threw the ball and counted how many they made out of the five.  After their five throws, students made fractions using the data they collected to describe how many of their throws went through the hoop!

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