Switching from our lesson all about multiplication using the standard algorithm, we transitioned last week into long division- a familiar concept among 5thgraders, but still a relatively new idea to 4thgrade. 

Fourth grade has started learning division inside their classrooms using “chunking” (AKA partial quotients method)- a method which has students taking away portions of the large number, until the it has been reduced to zero or the remainder is less than the divisor. This week in Sportsometry, we introduced the standard method of division. Being a new concept for these students, we started with 2 digit numbers which were divisible by single digit numbers. By the end of our week with them, they were willing and eager to take on larger, more complex numbers! 

As for fifth grade, scholars have already had experience in long division, so we challenged them to harder problems that might require more time and thinking, such as dividing 4-5 digit numbers by 2-3 digits.

The application of division came when teams were given several equations to solve. Having solved the problem together, a member ran to the middle of the gym to find a card which corresponded with their answer. Each card contained both an answer to their problem and an activity to perform before moving on to the next problem. It was an intense race, both mentally and physically, to make it to the end!

We are particularly proud of the determination to solve challenging equations by our scholars.  Way to go Booker T. Washington!

This week, we are excited to be back at West Rock and then we start with L.E.A.P. next week! 

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