Building on our shapes lesson, last week we moved on to include fractional parts of shapes. Second grade students worked with halves, thirds, and fourths and completed practice worksheets identifying how a shape was divided and how to divide one themselves. Transitioning to the gym, these athletes were divided into different teams where a fraction of the team was assigned different activity. They had to work together to decide who would do each task and how to effectively get it done- such as hula hooping, dribbling a basketball, jump roping, or running or dancing in place. 

With our 3rdgraders at Booker T. Washington Academy and our 9 and 10 year old boys at LEAP, we reviewed rounding numbers to the tens place. For a challenge with our LEAP students, we even included decimals. “One through four, stay on the floor. Five through nine, climb the vine” was a short poem to teach the groups whether a number needs to be rounded up or down. For our activity, students were given a number to round to the nearest ten. If they had to round up, they were to dribble the ball using their hands; consequently, if they had to round down, they were to dribble using their feet. 

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