Students at both L.E.A.P. and West Rock Stream Academy took on the challenge of word problem last week. They became aware of the necessity of reading carefully and assessing where each piece of information needs to go in the equation. We strictly stuck to adding and subtracting, but altered the math level for each grade. So how can we transition a word problem to incorporate active learning? We had Sportsometrists solve a word problem of their choice out of a list and depending on their solved answer, they performed that number of a specific task such as jumping rope, hula hooping, and more! 

We are sad that we’ve finished working with our group of 4th and 5th graders from Booker T. Washington Academy for the spring! During our last week with this group, we played a trivia game to practice sample problems that we have touched on the past few weeks. We will be back working with scholars from Booker T. Washington again this summer and we can’t wait!

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