Last week, we started our first session at West Rock STREAM Academy.  The first session for each group requires students to take their initial pre-Sportsometry assessment to help our team of instructors measure our students’ current skills.  Second, third, and fourth grade will be exploring place values, digits, rounding, graphs, coin values, fractions, and in-depth addition/subtraction this semester.

We still got our blood pumping through some get-to-know-you games and basic agility activities including, ‘Steal Your Neighbors’ Crops’, ‘Over, Under, Around, and Through’, ‘Train Wreck’, and “The Perfect Pass.”  While these games get students moving and burning off some energy, they are also working on building their athletic abilities through hand-eye coordination (dribbling, passing, catching, etc.) as well as learning to comprehend and follow multi-step rules and directions. 

Check out our Facebook page for pictures from this past week!

Next week, we add one more location, LEAP, to round out our spring sites! 

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