Welcome Back! We have already begun our Spring semester, and the students are equally excited as we are! 

This past week, we started teaching multiplication with our 4thand 5thgrade students at Booker T. Washington Academy.  Our 4thgraders have already learned how to multiply using the “open ray” method, but have not yet learned how to use the standard algorithm when multiplying numbers with two or more digits.  The fifth graders surprised us by already excelling at both methods that we challenged them by giving them some large multi-digit numbers to work with. They were pros at it!

We applied our new method to two different games in the gym.  On Tuesday, we set the gym up like a track and two teams raced each other relay style around the track.  Each player on the team ran a lap of the relay.  At the end of the race, students had to figure out how many feet they raced around total by using the measurement of the track and multiplying it by the number of laps raced.  On Wednesday, students practiced their basketball shot as we used the hoops in the gym for our activity. Each basket represented a different value which required students to multiply their number of made baskets by its worth.  These activities have our students working together with their teammates to solve each problem.  We love teamwork! 

These first two weeks have been so much fun already, with students who are eager to learn and apply what we teach.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the spring semester has in store for us! 

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