Last week was unexpectedly short due to our first snowfall of the season!  Although we missed a day of Sportsometry with our LEAP students on Thursday, we had a great two days with our 2ndand 3rdgraders at Booker T. Washington where both groups practiced their new math skills racing through obstacle courses and relay races! 

With our second graders, we incorporated skip counting to build on a lesson from a few weeks ago where we learned our coins and their values. Students used hundreds charts to identify patterns when counting with certain coins.  Students practiced creating various values using nickels, dimes and quarters. In the gym, students were given an amount in cents and had to figure out in their heads how many coins they would need to make the given amount.  Once they had their answer, teams competed in a relay race where they either had to hula or jump rope their answer.  Our students love practicing their skills using this game, and the competition was fierce!

On Wednesday, we practiced adding and subtracting time with our third graders at Booker T. Washington. When we went to the gym to apply our lesson, students amazed us at their speed through our obstacle course. Timing each team of two, the duo worked together to come up with their total time and what the difference between each team member’s record was. This was a fun way to practice our skills and get a sweat in!

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A reminder that there is only 1 day (Tuesday, November 20) of Sportsometry this week due to the holiday break.  Happy Thanksgiving from our team!

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