Our Sportsometry scholars really impressed us last week, both at Booker T. Washington Academy and LEAP.  Throughout the week, we covered place value and shape attributes and identification. 

On Tuesday with 2ndGrade students, we reviewed shapes including: triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons.  Students practice skills on a worksheet that asked them to match and recreate shapes. We then segued our lesson to what was happening in the gym. For example: how many shapes are in the game of baseball? We brainstormed looking at the bases, along with some other components. From there, we played a modified version of t-ball, where outfielders and defense would use their teamwork to try to recreate shapes- all before the batter made it back home. A game filled with many home-runs and lots of brain power. 

On Wednesday and Thursday at both Booker T. Washington Academy and LEAP, we reviewed place value. 

At Booker T. Washington, we practiced numbers using the ones, tens and hundreds place with our third graders using blocks and rods to count quickly and in the gym, we played a game where students had listen and react if their number was called in a certain number place. The game got our students up and running around, all while practicing their math skills!

At LEAP, we took place value to the next level- to the hundred thousands place! These young men blew us away with their knowledge and expertise!  For our activity, we played a different version of Rock, Paper, Scissors using our feet where the winner to grab a colored marker in the center and bring it back to their team. Once all the markers were gone, it was revealed that each color represents a different place value. Both teams calculated their scores and compared using greater than, less than, or equal to symbols. This was a multi-faceted game, which these fourth and fifth graders all had fun competing in!  Check out our Instagram to see a short clip of the fun! 

Thank you to everyone who made this another great week! Don’t forget to follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)!


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