Last week at West Rock STREAM Academy, we worked on rounding with mixed groups of different grade levels. When we have groups of varying grades, ages and skills, our small instructor to student ratio allows our students of all levels to work, learn and play at their own pace! Most often, we are able to have one instructor working with three students, and sometimes, we are able to provide one on one instruction to all of our students!

Rounding was a topic that we have touched on in previous lessons. Collectively and collaboratively, the instructors found different ways to teach the lesson in smaller groups including step by step instructions, using 100s sheets, and using dry erase markers to create interactive learning. Rounding was still a somewhat foreign concept to second grade, but as we progressed through each session and grade level, by the time our fourth graders were on their second week of rounding, they were certainly more familiar with the rules and methods.

Our games varied drastically, but still drove home the concepts of how to round numbers to different place values. Some tried and true student favorites have been “Sharks and Minnows” and Relay Races- both of which challenge students to think of whether a number needs to be rounded up or down before they run! 

We, as the staff, are so proud of the students who strive to overcome the struggles of learning new math material, still are encouraging those to keep practicing, and will continue to find new ways to teach complex methods!  Can’t wait for what we have in store this week!

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