This fall at Sportsometry, we have been having fun in two different locations: Booker T Washington Academy and L.E.A.P.  

Here’s a recap of what our students learned last week:  

In grade 2 at Booker T. Washington, we practiced place value. Students learned the value of a digit, which is dependent on its number place. For our lesson, we used blocks, rods, and cubes to practice counting by hundreds, tens and ones. We took this to the gymnasium by adapting a classic game of “SPUD” where second graders had to connect numbers and their place value with fast pace thinking and moving.

During the past few weeks, third graders at Booker T. Washington have been learning about graphs and charts, specifically pictographs and bar graphs. Our classroom work had these learners taking information already in a chart and creating pictographs.  In the gym, we then created a real-life scenario by creating a bar graph using the data we created from a timed free-throw shoot-off. This was a great, applicable way for the students to practice their skills as we built the graph together!

At LEAP, our grade 9 and 10 year old friends worked on word problems using addition and subtraction.  They looked for key words to give them clues whether they need to add or subtract the given information in each problem.  We applied our math equation solving skills during a basketball dribbling relay- solving verbal word problems to work out inside our heads, which became the answer for how many cones to race through.

We can’t wait to see what this week brings! Until then, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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