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“Sportsometry is a great after-school program. What we do in Sportsometry is develop our skills in math. We do multiplication, division, patterns–all with numbers and so much more! I’ve been going to sportsometry for 3 years now and learning these new things in after-school that the stuff I learn there I use in in everyday school! So, sportsometry might sound fine when I explain it, but you should actually go!”

Akira, Grade 4

“I like Sportsometry because I liked all of the cool games we played with math included in them. I love math! Thank you for all the fun things we did!“

Xavier, Grade 3

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Lismar, Grade 6

“I like Sportsometry because we play, but at the same time, it’s educational. It taught me how to be a good teammate even if we lose.”

“Sportsometry is a great after school program. One reason why I like Sportsometry is because we do math like area and perimeter and place value. Another reason why I like Sportsometry is because we play fun games in the gym and sometimes earn a secret reward!”

Jaidyn, Grade 3

Keyme, Grade 6

“Sportsomery taught me how to shoot a basketball, how to hit a baseball, and how to serve a volleyball. I encourage you to join Sportsometry because it teaches about sports and math all in one.”

“I like Sportsometry because I didn’t know much about baseball and they taught me how to play it. Sportsometry has taught me how to change fractions to percentages.”

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Angel, Grade 3

Howard Gardner, 
Author of Multiple Intelligences

"The best educational interventions will continue to come from ingenious educators using simple materials and their wits. Annick Winokur has counted the term Sportsometry to describe how she teaches mathematical and spatial reasoning through studying the bounces of a basketball."