Annick Winokur, CEO

Annick continued to pursue research opportunities to work with doctors and scientists, such as T. Berry Brazelton, M.D., founder of the Touchpoints Project at Harvard/Boston Children’s Hospital, and research with Robert Sternberg, Ph.D., author of several books on psychology and education, as well as others in the New York/CT area. She also was a co-author of a paper published in the Journal of Clinical Psychology (2006), “Self-Criticism and Depressive Symptomatology Interact to Predict Middle School Academic Achievement.”


Annick continued her work in education and athletics, developing programs for students of varying ages and backgrounds in areas such as squash, confidence building, safety, and developmental skills. While serving as Director of the Brady Squash Center at Yale, she had the opportunity to design business and economic growth opportunities by developing member services, retail and community outreach programs. These experiences led to the opportunity to co-found Squash Haven, an urban squash, academic, and community service program for inner-city students in New Haven, CT.

Cited in Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, Ph.D., Professor in Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and a copyrighted teaching model, Sportsometry illuminates the unique links between cognitive processing and athletics, as well as the social and physical benefits, strengthening these links.

Annick is also a co-author of “The Neurologist’s Role in Supporting Transition to Adult Care,” addressing the critical role child neurologists play in planning and coordinating the successful transition from the child to the adult healthcare system for youth with neurologist conditions that appeared in Neurology (2016).

Sportsometry, Inc. represents the opportunity to bring Annick’s ideas and experiences to fruition.

Annick Winokur is the founder and CEO of Sportsometry® , Inc. She earned her B.S. in Cognitive Studies from Vanderbilt University (1996). Following her graduation from Vanderbilt, as a student at the Yale School of Nursing Pediatric Nurse Practitioner program, Annick developed an understanding of nursing and its applicability to medical research.

An eye exam in her late twenties showed Annick that she had an absence of peripheral vision in a specific area. As she considered how she compensates when playing various sports, despite the ability to utilize this small but crucial visual space, she began to investigate the relationship among sports, geometry and physics. These are all necessary and interrelated skills, both while playing sports and in the classroom.

Elvert Eden, Executive Director


The Sportsometry Board of Directors selected Elvert Eden as the Executive Director of Sportsometry in September 2019.  


Elvert’s desire to lead youth has been a life-long goal and he has over 15 years of youth development experience in both the non-profit sector and the Connecticut Board of Education. Elvert began his career as a communications teacher for Turn of River Middle School in Stamford, CT and spent the last decade as the Aquatics and Youth Development Director for Leadership, Education and Athletics in Partnership, Inc. (LEAP) in New Haven. 

During his time at LEAP as the Youth Development Director, Elvert helped transform the lives of many teenagers as a mentor, trusted advisor, and a leader. Under Elvert’s direction, over 98% of LEAP teens have graduated from high school, have been accepted to a 2 or 4-year college, attended seven college tour trips, mentor youth ages 7-15, and volunteered at local churches, shelters, and food banks. LEAP’s Youth Development program has become one of the most recognized programs in Connecticut.


In 2014, Elvert was asked to lead LEAP’s Aquatics Program and was tasked with reshaping a program that dissolved in 2009. LEAP’s Aquatics Program now operates on a year-round basis, is a progressive program offered to children and adults ages 5 and up, introduces and then solidifies the performance of basic swim strokes, and water safety tools in a supportive environment. Elvert introduced a “learn-to-swim class” model taught in five-week sessions where students attend class twice a week. LEAP’s Aquatics program grown exponentially during his five years of leadership and averages over 500 swimmers per year.


Elvert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of New Haven and was a two-sport athlete (football and track) for the Chargers. In 2015, Elvert was inducted in the UNH Hall of Fame for Football.

Elvert has dedicated his life and work to youth development and plans to continue sharing his skills in pursuit of supporting young people.