• Marissa Dugan

Partnering Math, Science, & Athletics… But What Does That Mean?

From a young age children begin to make connections with what they learn and the world around them. Being able to reinforce classroom material in a fun way promotes a positive learning environment, and that’s where we come in!

Sportsometry is an after school program that integrates sports with age-appropriate topics in mathematics, physics, and related cognitive skills. Educational research shows that learning anything in more than one way allows the student to develop a stronger grasp of the material. Providing physical examples of the material in a sports environment allows the students to reinforce what they are learning while having fun!

Partnering Math, Science, and Athletics

Our after school curriculum has students participate in a three phase program designed to increase in difficulty as the weeks go on. Each phase includes five sessions that draw connections between various sports and age-appropriate math topics such as spatial relationships, probability, angles and statistics. Our instructors work one-on-one with students to ensure they understand the material and are continuously striving to challenge themselves.

We not only illustrate the relationship between mathematics and sports, but we incorporate physical education back into a student’s daily routine. By providing a program that incorporates physical fitness students learn to maintain a healthy lifestyle, critical thinking skills, and essential conflict resolution skills.

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