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Our Mission

Since 2004, Sportsometry's mission has been to help students in grades 2-12 master math and science material by using sports, physical movement, and teamwork as the basis for its curriculum.



Sportsometry® allows students to make an academic and physical connection between various athletics and academic subjects such as math and science.

Sportsometry's discussion-based lessons allow children to feel more comfortable speaking in group settings and gain confidence that helps improve participation.

The program's composition allows students to master the material and make the necessary connections, even as the material becomes more complex over the program. 

The math, physics, and athletic skills learned while participating in Sportsometry supplement the grade-appropriate subject matter students learn in school. To maximize the learning experience for participants, Sportsometry provides a student to instructor ratio of approximately 5:1. Sportsometry's lessons have been written and revised by certified teachers to incorporate important math, physics, and athletic learning expectations and guidelines aligned to the Common Core and Connecticut State standards. 


 Sportsometry® not only illustrates the relationship between mathematics and sports, but also puts physical education back into a student’s daily routine. Our athletic program helps students maintain fitness and health, as well as strengthen relationships and conflict resolution skills amongst peers.Sportsometry® believes that sports can help improve a student's ability to understand certain math concepts. 



Our research shows that when students are given examples of math and physics from athletics, they tend to develop a stronger grasp of the material.

Test Scores

Students who participated in Sportsometry saw a larger improvement from pre- to post-test scores on math and physics comprehension when compared with students who did not participate in Sportsometry. These results held when the samples were controlled by school district and by grade.

How We Impact Our Community

Founded in 2004, Sportsometry® has served more than 2,000 youth and partnered with more than Twenty-five organizations.

Sportsometry's focus has been to serve inner-city youth attending schools, organizations, and churches in New Haven, but the motto is designed to serve all grade-appropriate youth to improve their math and science skills.

We are committed to making a difference in youth achievement, civic engagement, and creating employment opportunities for future leaders.

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